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Stop Getting Your Knickers In A Twist About Facebook

by Carie Lyndene in Marketing, Social Media

…Business Pages and Algorithms!

So it’s finally official. Facebook is going to be showing fewer Business Page postings in our Newsfeed. Bet that came as a huge surprise eh?

Before I say anything, I must state, I am not professing to be a Facebook expert but I do understand Business and the part social media plays in it.

It’s very important!

I know you already knew that but I am going to shed some light on how to use your Facebook Business Page to your advantage even in these dark days of the depressed algorithms.

Your page has two main purposes-

It’s your ever-evolving business brochure and as such, it needs to look fresh and up to date. And speak directly to your target audience.

As per my Success Blueprint “9 Sure-Fire Strategies on How to Create Endless RED HOT Sales Situations”, your Facebook page is your SIGNPOST to what and where others who are checking you out go and gives them next steps.

It’s also your SHOP WINDOW so those on the outside of your inner circle can window shop and observe your authority in your subject before they take the next step.

It is not where you make sales or even try to engage. Can you imagine if you had a brick and mortar shop and you stood at the till and shouted what you had for sale at everyone who looked in your window?

Wouldn’t go down well!

No, what you do is entice prospective customers in to browse further. To see if what you have on offer is a fit for them. Then they make an informed and well thought out decision to buy from you

Well, no changes in any algorithms are going to stop you doing that if you are continuing to add value to your audience. They will always keep popping back to see if the sales have started!

It’s also where every video or live stream you create ( or are going to create) should be hosted.

Two reasons for that

1. You can create your custom audiences and monitor your insights


This is THE most powerful part of advertising on Facebook.

This is where we serve up your Facebook ads to those who have either been into your shop or at least looked in the window a few times!

If you would like a copy of my Success Blueprint “9 Sure-Fire Strategies To Create Endless Amounts of RED HOT Sales Situations”

CLICK HERE and you will receive a copy instantly. Your Facebook Page is only one of 9 other strategies I break down for you into very easy to follow steps.

And if you would like to hear from a proper Facebook expert, I recommend you pop over to my good friend Veronica Pullen and have a listen to her Facebook Live on the subject. She is a really good egg and will keep you straight on these matters.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I love it when you like, comment or share my blogs!

Here is that link again to 9 Sure-Fire Strategies Success Blueprint. 

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