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About Carie 

About carie lyndene

Hi, I’m Carie Lyndene, known as The Success Coach.

What I do best is teach committed coaches and consultants to consistently attract and convert High-Value clients so they can have the time and income freedom they desire without making things complex or technically overwhelming. 

I work nationally and internationally and specialise in taking my clients to the next level, whatever that means to you.

Whether that is to take your business over six figures (or 7 figures) and beyond to create recurring and passive income through group online coaching, mastermind groups and online information products. I have the exact framework and model you need to follow to reach your goals.

So, how would it feel to have a Virtual Business Partner?

Someone who is as invested and committed to your success as you are. Someone who nurtures and empowers you, guiding you to ensure you get rapid results.

Someone with whom you are secure in the knowledge you are in safe hands. You are n the right place. You are working with an oracle of knowledge and one who has the Midas Touch in business. Yet with all these benefits of a partner, you are still completely autonomous in your business?

What would you do if you knew you were guaranteed to succeed?

Just imagine no longer having any doubt or anxiety about growing your business. Even to the level, you have always desired it to be. Can you know see how simple it would be growing your business quickly and effectively as you are no longer doing it all on your own?

I don’t just mean the day to day logistics of running your business. Someone helping you with the big picture, the vision, the marketing strategy, sales conversions and the actual implementation plan.

Even if you have a team on board, how difficult has it been up until now, to get all the moving parts going in the right direction?

Well, a Virtual Business Partner is exactly what I am to my clients.

You are likely to be a business service provider, creative agency, coach or consultant. Whatever stage you are in your business, whether you are at the Embryonic stage (you have a commercial or professional background and now want your own business).

The Emerging/ Expanding stage (looking now to leverage your time and income).

Or you are Established and now need to put more money onto that bottom line of yours.

We can work together at whatever level you need.

What do I provide for you?

Premium online programmes, bespoke sales processes, funnels and automated marketing campaigns that produce profitable high-end clients and consistent cash-flow.

What problems will I solve for you?

I will pull together all the disjointed pieces of your knowledge and expertise, into a successful and profitable sales process and client delivery system.

How do I work with you?

  • I can show you HOW to do it. I deliver cutting edge online training programs for you to do at your leisure.
  • I can do it WITH you. You can join my Automated Sales Academy or Business Mastery Elite Mastermind Group.
  • I can do it FOR you. As one of my Exclusive Private Consultancy Clients (I work with no more than a handful of consultancy clients at any one time), I can either work closely with your existing team or organise a virtual team to undertake everything you need.

Why listen to me?

After 35 years of creating, running and growing successful businesses. Having clocked up over £10 million of personal product sales, and more recently, £100’s of thousands of coaching and consultancy services.

I have been intrinsic in £10’s of millions more of my clients’ goods and services moving into the marketplace, I know a lot about SALES and I know even more about people.

That includes the whole mindset piece behind it all along with the operational side of it and what’s working NOW in cutting edge Marketing.

When I work with you on creating your Sales Funnel and Marketing Plan, all of those years and millions of pounds of success come to the table too. I don’t hold anything back.

You get the full weight of my knowledge, experience and skill set, just as if you are my virtual business partner.

To book an initial call with me to discuss your Training or Consultancy requirements or any of my ” Done For You”  services.

Click HERE to book your Fast Track call with me today. 

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Carie was delighted to be a Regional Finalist at The Forward Ladies Awards Sponsored by HSBC in 2017

Award Winning Carie Lyndene



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